Mitsuwa Market – Practically NYC

Mitsuwa held a Summer Festival on Saturday. Who can say no to a japanese festival! That means tons of food. I’d been to a Mitsuwa in southern california, but this one was much bigger. Located in Edgewater, you look across the water and you see Manhattan. It felt so close!

And the food court is just f’in dreamy… all kinds of japanese food awesomeness. And one japanese style italian restaurant. Oh these sweet little snacks… grilled sweets filled with cream or sweet bean… hot and delicious! The line was too long for me to get one, darn it.

Check out the prices for this tuna.

Oh but wait, that’s before you saw the price for this tuna! Egads. Best save up for a few weeks before you put down a benjamin for a pound of fish. I love foreign snacks. Yes, those are little baby crabs.

Shhh… ninja wants quiet. I have a little japanese market right near my house, but it’s too teeny. Mitsuwa, I wish you were closer to me!

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