Project Eatway

E was gracious enough to host a Project Runway premiere party. Yes, I watch Project Runway. I don’t watch television at all (I don’t have cable so I physically can’t watch tv) but there are a few shows that I like to watch, when possible, and Project Runway is one of them. I’ve missed it so!

A smorgasbord of appetizers. I made my super easy salsa/bean/corn dip. We also had a veggie tray, which sported an excellent ranch dip. Some pita and red pepper hummus.

A giant plate of couscous and an equally giant plate of shrimp, overloaded (in a good way), with garlic, olive oil, and fresh lemon juice. These shrimp were perfect!
Chicken kabobs… marinated in bbq sauce, with mushrooms and yellow bell pepper. How come when I make kabobs they never turn out so well? There was also some “asian” style bbq sauce from wegman’s, that was the perfect sauce for this. Gah, need to get myself over to a damn wegman’s now…

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