The Saddest Little Footlong

I was totally craving a $5 foot long one night. It was annoying. I knew where my local subway is and I knew I should have avoided it. But then I went anyway. Because of the craving. Damn you craving!

As I watched her make my sandwich, I was immediately disheartened. The amount of fixins she put on there was paltry, at most. I mean, 4 tomatoes is fine, if the tomatoes were regular sized, but when they’re cherry tomato sized, 4 slices of tomato just do not work! And same with the cucumbers. I think she was following the sandwich making manual to a tee, but man, this sandwich was thin. Just beyond thin. Even the lettuce. Lettuce! I mean it’s lettuce! It was like she gave me 10 shreds of sad sad lettuce. After having that gloriously full foot long about a month ago, and then having this one… it just made me sad. So so sad. Guess who’s not going to be partaking in any more $5 foot longs…

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