Always Busy At Sang Kee

I was totally hankering for some noodle soup the other day, so I dragged T along to Sang Kee for a quick dinner. He’d never been there before. Can you believe that? And he lives down the street from me. And I’ve been to Sang Kee way too many times.
T ordered the salmon with black bean sauce. If you want to eat right away, never ever order this dish. It took FOREVER for our food to come out, because they had to cook this. I saw people get seated way after we did, and they got all of their food before we got ours. It was depressing. Especially because we were both starving. Watching everyone else eat and get their food, even though they sat and ordered way after us, was very upsetting.
When I go to Sang Kee, I’m beyond predictable. I get the noodle soup with roast pork and dumplings. But there’s no reason for me to stray. I was craving noodle soup, so that’s just what I got. And it’s good every single time. It’s a big portion with tons of delicious roasted pork and just the right amount of dumplings. And with some veg too, so it makes me feel a bit on the healthier side.

Service was ok, as usual. And also as usualy, this place was pretty darn busy. It was a weekday too. But it doesn’t really matter when you show up. It’s always busy here. But there’s good reason, because it’s always good food, big portions, at very reasonable prices. I’m so lucky I live so close to this place.
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Always Busy At Sang Kee
  1. albert says:

    i've eaten at the Reading Terminal outpost of Sang Kee so many times in the last year, but haven't made it to the real deal yet. one of these days…

    i love their roast pork & wonton noodle soup. veggie wonton noodle soup w/bok choy is a lighter winner.

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