Fort Lee Is The Best Place Ever… Sort Of

After walking down main street (there’s really not anything worth showing), we stopped inside Parisienne Bakery just before we left. And then the most amazing thing happened! There was a Beard Papa’s counter inside! What? For real? Are you kidding me? Yes, it happened. It was a real Beard Papa’s! Here’s the crazy thing. Outside this bakery, there isn’t even a sign that it is a bakery and that it is Parisienne Bakery. There’s some writing on the windows, but it’s barely legible. And there’s no obvious indication that there is a glorious Beard Papa’s inside. Gah, I was so shocked!
Who could resist anything from this adorable little bearded man? “Buy my cream puffs!” he said. And I obliged. 6 times over.
Since we had just gorged ourselves after being starved and stuck in a car, I didn’t actually have room to eat these right away. And there’s a sign that says that these cream puffs should be enjoyed as soon as possible. So when we got home a few hours later, I realized there was no way I was going to be able to eat all these quickly. As much as I wanted to eat 6 giant cream puffs, I knew it wasn’t a good idea. So I did what any full-blooded cream puff loving american would do – I played cream puff fairy. I called up a few friends and just dropped some cream puffs off. I wanted others to enjoy them while they were still good!
But here’s the sad part. When I eventually tried one, I realized that the cream filling was too eggy. Yes, it wasn’t that good. It wasn’t bad at all, but it wasn’t the beard papa’s I’m used to. I was so disappointed. And after hyping it up, my friends probably think I’m crazy. I’ve eaten beard papa’s enough to know that this filling batch wasn’t up to par. Normally, it’ just creamy, dreamy, and vanilla-y. But this one just tasted way too much of egg. So excited about this discovery, yet so disappointed at the same time. Maybe next time!

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