Late Night At Coney Island

After the wedding, we went back to Club 18. And then we left to get some beers and some health food from Coney Island. This place is a pottsville institution. And everything in there is terrible for you. I had to have some.
Some lovely rows of dogs heating up on the grill. It was nearly 2AM and they had this many dogs on the grill. I suspect they get quite the after hours foot traffic.
They throw mustard, onions, and chili on top. Who can resist a chili dog?
See this vat of… grease? Under those onions are burgers. Yes, burgers. They fish the burgers out from that mystery liquid and throw it on a roll, along with some of these soft and sweet onions.
And yeah, then they throw cheese and chili on top. And then you stuff it all into your gourd and hope you keep it all down. I really liked this burger. Would it have tasted as good if I hadn’t been drinking and it wasn’t the middle of the night and I wasn’t sitting in front of a fire? I can’t be sure, but I’m willing to find out some day.

Coney Island
2300 W Market St
Pottsville, PA 17901
(570) 622-7722

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Late Night At Coney Island
  1. jesus says:

    if you google "coney island pottsville" your blog is in the number 2 spot. I find that cool.

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