Orwigsburg Dining

I headed up to the Pottsville area over the weekend to crash a wedding. After my drive, I was starving. So we walked a few blocks to downtown Orwigsburg for some small town eats. Valenti’s is an italian joint, and apparently, they bake their own bread.
C got a side salad with mozzarella cheese. This actually looked like a pretty amazing salad. I did taste some, and it was really good. The dressing was great. But the amount of cheese was ridiculous. This starts a theme of heavy cheese.
J got the fresh turkey club sandwich. This is tons of food. It was a pretty good sandwich. These chips were amazing! They looked homemade. Homemade or not, they were super crunchy and not too salty and quite great. I ate too many.
I really wanted a sausage sandwich so I got this sausage parm with sweet peppers. Can you see any sausage or peppers or bread? Not really, as it was positively drenched with mozzarella cheese. There were about 3 slices of cheese on the bottom, then some sausage and peppers and sauce, and then a few more slices of cheese on the top. It was just beyond a ridiculous helping of cheese. It was more like a cheese sandwich with some sausage and bread. I ended up scraping most of the cheese off. It’s a shame really, because the sandwich itself was fine. It was just hard to eat and had to be severely edited to attempt enjoyment. Take our advice Valenti’s, ease up on the cheese. It’s just not necessary.

Valenti’s Pizza
218 W Market St
Orwigsburg, PA 17961
(570) 366-1408

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