Suburban Pho

While pho places abound in the city of brotherly love, its sisterly suburbs are mostly devoid. But there are a few spots… emphasis on the few. One of them is Pho Tai Nam, and we headed out there on one of the annoying rainy nights of this week to check it out. It actually turned out to be a perfect day for pho as it was cold and dreary. It’s like a pho/vietnamese/thai joint. So definitely a mix of cuisines. It’s in a nondescript strip mall. The inside is bright, sizeable, and clean.
Three of us got various bowls of pho, and H/A went crazy and got the pad thai. Which he didn’t really like very much.

We also got some dumplings, as C had mentioned they were good here. And they genuinely were.
The pho did not dissappoint. While clearly overpriced for pho, it was still a sizeable bowl and the broth had good flavor. The meat was nice quality, and overall, I enjoyed it.
C got some mango ice cream for dessert and S got some green tea mochi.

I never leave room for dessert. I was too busy stuffing myself with a long awaited bowl of suburban pho. So for those of you afraid of venturing into the city, head up to Blue Bell and get yourself a bowl in all its suburban glory.

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