Agape Sweets

While I was at Assi’s food court, I picked up a few sweets at Agape Bakery. Mainly, I was there to pick up a mocha cake for the dinner party. After I paid, the lady gave me a couple of pastries for free. I was too stuffed to eat it that night, but it made a great snack the next day.
I love these types of cakes that the korean bakeries make. They’re super light. This particular one is a mocha cake. Unbeknownst to me, the cake came with candles and a plastic cake knife! Surprise! When we ate it at the dinner party, we lit the candles in preparation for R’s birthday coming in the next few weeks.

Agape Bakery
1222 Welsh Rd # B10
North Wales, PA 19454-2059
(215) 412-0478

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