Burlington Hotel Buffet Breakfast

My last hotel on my european journey was the Burlington Hotel in Dublin. This was my least favorite out of the three breakfast buffets. None of the fruit was fresh, except for whole oranges and apples. These berries were frozen, these apricots and grapefruits were canned, and there wasn’t a kiwi in sight. The yogurt wasn’t bad. The pastries were ok, but nothing compared to the ones from Basel. Croissants… didn’t try them though. Cheese and cold cuts, it’s everywhere in Europe. The cereal selection was pretty good. There were these weird cereal blocks here. I think it’s weetabix, whatever that is. And I thought I’d try a bit of the full irish breakfast before I left. Sausage, black pudding, and some beans. The beans were fine, a little on the bland side. The sausage was pretty good, and I’m not usually a sausage link type of person. The black pudding wasn’t bad either, but it wasn’t really my thing. I just wanted to taste it to see what it was like. Not bad, but I’m not necessarily going to order it.

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