Conrad Hotel Breakfast

I was staying at the Conrad Hotel and the buffet breakfast was included. It beats having to think about where and what I’m going to eat. Scones and pastries and spreads and such. Whence in europe, the obligatory Nutella.
I mostly stuffed my gourd with the fresh fruit, especially the kiwi. A big bowl of already peeled and cut up kiwi? It’s like a dream! Some cheeses and some funny little irish yogurts. I wasn’t too crazy about the yogurt. I tried one that came in a jar, and it just tasted a bit odd.
A bunch of breads, including irish soda bread. They also had hot items that are the normal bits and pieces of a traditional irish breakfast (bacon, eggs, tomato, baked beans, etc). And they had a really great variety of different juices (orange, mango, apple, tomato, etc). The coffee wasn’t hot though. And they had a lovely selection of teas.

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