Eating At Living Arts

So my work in Mississauga was taking place at the Living Arts Centre, which is their performing arts center. On my second day there, we ended up eating the lunch buffet at the restaurant there, LIVE Cuisine Restaurant. It’s actually quite a nice buffet.

They have cold items… a plethora of salads, pasta salads, beets, noodles, veggies.

The hot selections included penne, fish, chicken stir fry, and veggies. Everything was quite good. I particularly liked the chicken stir fry.The desserts included cake, pie, tarts, cinnamon rolls, fruit, and blueberry strudel. I only had room for the strudel. Damn, it was good strudel. I love buffets because I like trying a little bit of everything, instead of lots of one or two things. All in all, this is quite the decent buffet, and well worth it.

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