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On my last evening, my colleague R and I got to talking about food. She recommended Fire as a place with excellent cocktails and steaks. Since I wasn’t sure where to go, I decided to head over there. It’s next to the Mansion House, which is some sort of event place, and the restaurant itself is kinda huge. It’s in one giant room with extremely high ceilings. It’s rather daunting, bordering on gawdy. It’s another place that probably considers itself fine dining. It sure has fine dining prices, that’s for damn sure. Did I get cocktails? No. Did I get steaks? No. So here’s what I did get.
Some complimentary bread. It was only ok. They have their own brand of water. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.
I got the soup, which was sweet corn and fresh tomato. Only thing though, I don’t recall any tomatoes being in this at all. It was more of a creamy corn soup. I quite liked it, but the name and description was a bit of a misnomer.
For my entree I got the pan fried fillet of monkfish, served with a basil and lemon hollandaise sauce with asparagus and scallion mashed potatoes. This dish was quite good, but man, so just not worth the high price tag. It was three fairly teeny bits of monkfish, a small heap of mashed potatoes, and three asparagus. This is all you get for nearly 30 euros? It’s slightly offensive. I said it was good, but it was way overpriced. The soup was a bit expensive too, but it was a lot of soup, so that price point didn’t offend me as much. I was pretty stuffed though, so I didn’t have room for dessert. The food was good, but it wasn’t great. It wasn’t good enough to have the price tags that it did. The high prices seem to be because of the ambiance, but for me, the ambiance wasn’t that rich either. It was a bit showy and cheesy. So maybe I would have done better if I had gotten steak and cocktails as per the recommendations, but I have a feeling I would have found them not worth their price either. For me, I say skip this one. You can get much better food elsewhere in Dublin. Service was only ok. Again, for these prices, I expected much more.

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Fire Restaurant – Dublin
  1. Anonymous says:

    I had dinner in Fire around the same time as this person. I had a fantastic experience. As a person within the Hospitality Industry I found that not only was the service excellent, the food was exceptional. Not at all an unreasonalbe price tag. For myself and my guest, 3 courses, drinks and coffee, €116. Both myself and my guest had high expectations of the restaurant and were not at all disappointed. Do not hesitate to visit Fire. It is one the gastronomic gems in Dublin.

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