Grandmom’s 88th!

We visited my grandma to celebrate her 88th birthday. Whoa man, 88 is pretty damn old! A variety of korean foods in fancy aluminum pans. I forget where my mom picked this food up from, but it was actually pretty damn good. Later that night, we trekked to my aunt’s house for some more food. She had these freakishly ginormous shrimp. She didn’t realize that she didn’t have any normal tempura batter, so she ended up having to use this spicy chicken batter. These were so big she could only fry up a few at a time. There’s my hand for scale. They really were pretty much as big as my hand. I don’t have the biggest hands, but they’re quite normal sized. These shrimp were huge. The chicken batter ended up being fine. It’s hard to screw up fat giant shrimp being fried in a hot vat of grease. We would be terrible koreans if we didn’t bbq some meat. We would have grilled outside but it was storming something terrible, so we had to resort to using an indoor grill. In addition to meat and shrimp, we also had some spicy fish soup.

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