Green Nineteen

I actually hadn’t planned on going to Green Nineteen this night. It was on my list, but I had really been hankering for some feijoada. So I had walked to Sabor Brazil and found out that it was closed. It looked like they had gone on holiday or something, and wouldn’t be open again until the next day. The next day I would be leaving town. I had passed Green Nineteen on my walk to Sabor Brazil and noted to myself, oh, that’s where Green Nineteen is. Well good thing I saw it, because I was starving, and then I had to end up going there. This place is cool. Yes, they have a big poster of Obama in their entry. It’s modern, clean, and cool. Just cool. Lame description, yes, but it’s true. This place seems to be quite popular, as I saw many people being turned away. I was lucky to get a spot right in the front where they have a couple of high tops.
I started with a red fruit smoothie that they made fresh just for me. I had wanted green but they only had this one available. It was super tangy and full of so many different fruits and berries. It was extremely seedy… but certainly tasty.
Their menu is actually quite small. And shocking to Dublin standards, these prices are positively cheap. Most things are 10 Euros or less. Seriously folks, that’s cheap for Dublin! I asked the server for recommendations and one of the things he recommended was the lamb chump tagine. I went for it. It is a big hunk of lamb served with couscous and root vegetables. I’m not normally a lamb person, but I really enjoyed this. It had a tomato based sauce with lots of spices and it was delicious. The couscous was the perfect companion and even the root veggies (aside from carrots, as I dislike cooked carrots) were good. And this was only 10 euros! For something that equates to about $14-15 bucks, even that’s cheap. They could, and should certainly charge more for a dish like this. That’s even super cheap for american standards.
Service was great and super friendly. It’s a cool place, but it’s a totally relaxed and casual atmosphere. It’s no wonder so many people want to eat here. I’m having good luck with Dublin eats on this trip!

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