I Only Want Hot Soup – Nooch

It wasn’t my plan to eat so much non swiss food while I was in switzerland. But damn it people, it was so cold there. While I was in Dublin, the weather was stupendous… in the high 50’s, low 60’s. As soon as I got to switzerland it was in the 30’s. Yeah, the 30’s. I could see my damn breath. So I only wanted hot soup. This is what I kept craving. So I ended up at Nooch. It’s a small chain of asian noodle restaurants. So I ordered the fujiyama noodle soup – udon noodles, dashi broth, tofu, veggies, and such. This thing was kind of a mess. They took japanese noodles and broth, and then tried to bastardize it with things clearly not meant for japanese food. Cilantro? Thai basil? Seriously, have you ever seen those things in japanese cuisine? It was almost blasphemy. And they threw in a giant heap of pickled ginger into the soup too. Luckily, I was able to fish it out. The broth was ok, and the noodles were ok, but similar to the ramen, there weren’t enough noodles. And unfortunately, I could still taste the ginger in the broth. The rest of the veggies were ok. But similar to the ramen, it was an underwhelming bowl of overpriced noodles. Hot, but otherwise just blah.

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