Lunch In Zurich

I hopped a train back to Zurich to spend the day there before heading back to Dublin. Zurich is super cute too, but much bigger. I walked tons that day, but never really made my way out of a tiny area of town. Let me tell you a little something about Switzerland. Damn, it be expensive people. Like it doesn’t make sense to me kind of expensive. But that’s just the way it is. The grocery prices are just somewhat expensive, but prepared food is just horrifically overpriced.

And here’s another horrible thing about eating in Switzerland. You can smoke in restaurants. Like 99% of them. And people just do it. All the time. Morning, noon, and night. Coming from Philadelphia, and having just come from Dublin, both cities which are smoke-free, it was such a strange reminder of the past. So finding places to eat that aren’t smoky can be extremely difficult.
Most department stores have a dining hall. They tend to be very popular because they are somewhat affordable. Well, relatively affordable, for switzerland prices. And they’re smoke-free. So I decided to check one out for my one lunch in Zurich. They had hot meals but my body was hankering for some veggies. So I got this little thing of salad. This is considered a medium salad in switzerland. I got all kinds of random stuff and quite enjoyed it. Yes, those are beets. You’re looking at a beet lover. The green drink you see is freshly squeezed kiwi juice. Not quite sweet enough, but still great! And don’t even think about asking how much this meal cost. Much more than you would think. But I consider it cheap here!
It was still cold this day. It was also raining. And then all of a sudden, it turned to hail! Yes, hail! I ended up walking back to the hotel in the middle of a hailstorm. Check em out! I watched it fall from my hotel room…

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