Lunching in Mississauga

My customer was in Mississauga, and the location was literally across the street from Square One Shopping Centre, one of the largest malls in the entire country of Canada. It was overwhelming, even for someone like myself who grew up with King of Prussia. In any case, I got to dine at the food court there. P recommended Cafe Madina, which was lebanese food. I got a chicken shawarma, which was filled with lettuce, cabbage, chicken, garlic and hot sauce, and these crazy pink pickled turnips. It was all rolled up and grilled/pressed. It was so damn good! I could eat these all the time. The chicken was well cooked and all the fixins and flavors worked well together. And because it was rolled up, it was actually easy to eat. I also got a side of half potatoes and half salad. The salad I got had apple, mango, carrot, and cucumber, along with a bunch of herbs. Loved it. And the potatoes too. Really, this was an excellent meal, especially for a mall food court meal! But really, it would have been good anywhere.

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