Radisson Breakfast Buffet

While in Basel, I was staying at the Radisson Blu hotel. On working days, I ate at the hotel breakfast buffet. No, I won’t tell you how much it costs. It hurts just trying to conceptualize it. But it was a pretty kick-ass buffet. Breads and pastries and all sorts of awesome little spreads. I tried some of these little fruit filled pastries, and it was pretty amazing.
Birchermuesli. I have no idea what this is. Looks like yogurt and muesli mixed together? Perhaps a peach flavor?
They also had an amazing selection of fresh fruits. They also had kiwi, and I did a good job of hosing their kiwi bowls.
A bunch of random cold cuts for breakfast.
Cheese and grapes… are you supposed to be able to eat that half a fig?
Cereal and a very serious looking pitcher of milk. They also had hot items as well, such as eggs and potatoes and various bacons. They had an even better array of tea selections and their coffee was hot and super strong. While it was a nice breakfast, I still balk at the price. But if you’re staying here for work, then go for it. You’ll be quite happy with the spread.

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