Roasted Chestnuts On The Streets of Basel

After landing in Zurich, I hopped on a train to Basel, my actual destination. The train ride was fantastic. I’m not sure if you can eat on the trains (they’re freakishly clean and spotless), but I was doing it anyway. These are my most delicious digestives that I picked up in Ireland. And they have a layer of caramel. Amazing.
My friend A had told me that they sell roasted chestnuts on the streets of Switzerland. I got most excited when she told me this. Then when I saw it in person, my heart skipped a beat. When I lived in the motherland, we used to get roasted chestnuts from street vendors all the time. During the wintertime, of course. But you can’t really buy roasted chestnuts from street vendors in the US. If you can do that, please tell me where. And please make it somewhere near my home.
In any case, I love roasted chestnuts. If you’ve never had, you have to put a slice in them first before you roast them, otherwise, they’ll explode. The moisture in the nut heats up and steam up, and if there isn’t a place to release all the pressure, your little nut will explode. These are roasted from burning charcoal so they get nice and toasted and some even get some char marks. Because of the steaming, they’re super easy to peel. I love chestnuts. Don’t you?
You’ll also see carts for pretzels. They’re not like the ones from Philly! They taste similar, but the texture is completely different. Philly pretzels are dense and chewy. These are much more dry, more airy, and not chewy. I think I prefer the ones from home!

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Roasted Chestnuts On The Streets of Basel
  1. (( Ms. K )) says:

    Interesting to know that they also make these kind of stuff. There is roasted chestnut avaliable here, one at Flushing and one time I spot them at a grocery store in Chinatown. But I'm not sure how it taste.

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