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The next night I entrusted yelp again, and found that Rodney’s Oyster House had consistently good review. So I headed into the big city! After the GPS taking me through some of Toronto’s most sketchiest neighborhoods (thanks GPS!) I finally ended up at Rodney’s. It’s actually in the basement, so you have to go downstairs. Once you’re downstairs, it’s completely unpretentious. It’s just a comfortable place where they take their food seriously, not their decor. Come on, they have corrugated steel as design elements! This was the lone shucker they had. And man, did he shuck a lot. Behind him are the day’s oyster offerings. I know nothing about oysters. And even though I went to an oyster house, I did not get any. Even though I do like oysters. I don’t know, I just wasn’t feeling it that night. The menu is fairly small. They obviously have oysters, and the oyster selections change daily. They also have a few daily specials. They have a few soups and apps, a few cold dishes, a few hot dishes, a few smoked fish dishes, and a few desserts. It’s very simple. They give you complimentary bread, which was good, and it comes with a giant bowl of whipped butter. Yum. I’m a clam chowder fiend, so I had to try the one here. For a cup, it is actually quite pricey, but the cup itself is pretty decently sized. The chowder itself was ok. Nothing great, but perfectly acceptable. It had many tiny pieces of celery which really bugged me. I can’t stand celery, and they’re hard to avoid when they’re that small. But the flavor was good and it had lots of clam in it, even though they were in teeny little pieces too. I really wanted scallops but their scallop offerings were slim. So instead, I got a half order of their pasta special which was scallops, shrimp, skate, and green beans served with fettuccini in a cream sauce. This half portion was actually quite big, and they did not skimp on the seafood. The scallops were perfectly seared, the shrimp was perfectly cooked, and the fish was delicious. It was a pretty plain cream sauce, but still an excellent dish. After a couple of twists with the pepper grinder, I hosed it.

The service here is excellent. Most of the servers were men, and they were super friendly, attentive, and definitely knew their stuff. I really wanted to end up trying some oysters at the end, but I was beyond stuffed. Even with my half portion of pasta, I was done. If you’re into seafood and especially if you are a fan of oysters, head down to Rodney’s. Oh, and ladies, and some of you men too, these servers were quite pleasing to the eye. So if you’re in the mood for some seafood serving man candy in Toronto, check this place out.
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Seafood in Toronto
  1. Sammy says:

    Mmm, that fettucine looks delicious. I’m going here next week, I think I’m going to get it! :D Thanks for sharing.

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