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For our next dinner, we headed over to Caesar’s for some sushi at Sushi Roku. This place is fancy. And the view we had was amazing. We could see down the whole strip. The view is nearly worth the visit alone.
I wanted some veggie, so I ordered the kimchi cucumber sunomono. I imagined this would be like normal sunomono. Boy, was I wrong. It was hunks of kirby cucumbers, that had been sliced, but not sliced off of the cucumber, so they were still seemingly somewhat whole. Instead of a regular sour sunomono taste, it was like a spicy pickle. I really liked this a lot, in fact, I ended up nearly eating the whole thing myself, but it was definitely not what I expected. But I was quite happy with my choice.
The assorted sushi combination. It was really surprising how fresh this fish was. It was definitely high quality and melt in your mouth. They were a bit overeager on the wasabi!
After the initial combo, we just started ordering a whole bunch of stuff. Rainbow roll, baked lobster roll, shrimp tempura with asparagus, etc. All good.
More sushi! This time, some king crab, salmon, and toro. Look at that first piece of salmon. Look at all the wasabi! Yeah, one of those salmon pieces cleaned out my sinuses!
Totally forget what this is, but this may have been an apple type thing. Whatever it was, it came with a giant long cookie.
The volcano cake, a chocolate tort type of thing with liquid chocolate in the middle. C ordered this, but he’s allergic to nuts (there was a nut on top), so we all ended up picking at it. Incredibly rich!
I got a banana type of thing, I think. It was sitting in a fried pastry type of thing, which was good, but a bit too thick and crunchy. It was ok.
The sushi here was excellent. While it was incredibly expensive, the quality of the fish here is insanely good. Is it worth it? I’m not sure, but it sure was tasty. The service was great too.
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