The Most Expensive Ramen In The World

While looking for some restaurants prior to my trip, I found out that there’s a japanese style ramen bar in Basel. Ok. There isn’t even a ramen joint in Philly, but there’s one in Basel? There’s something wrong with this. We need a ramen joint in Philly! Anyways, enough of my ranting. But again, please, someone open a ramen place near home. Pretty please. I thought I’d try this place, because really, what the hell?

This place is pretty adorable. Not too big, with the kitchen and bar area in the middle, and then some tables on the outer edges. It’s modern and clean and cute. They have ramen and udon, some sushi rolls, and some japanese appetizers. That’s it. And some drinks and booze and perhaps a few desserts. I decided to pick the ramen with chicken in a miso broth. The server told me that the most popular bowls were the ramen with gyoza and the ramen with chicken. Can other Namamen eaters be wrong?
The food comes out fairly quickly. They cook the noodles and then pour it into the bowl which has miso paste in it. Then they throw the fixins on top. So, the verdict? Meh. Basically, it’s just a bowl of miso broth with some mediocre ramen noodles topped with mediocre chicken and really inexpensive and flavorless vegetables. For a bowl of ramen, there was actually not very many noodles. And they’re extremely thin. The broth itself is fairly boring. The chicken was ok, but nothing special, and without much flavor. It looked like boiled chicken. And they put shredded carrots, shredded big green onions, spinach, and some mushrooms in it. Oh, and half a boiled egg. All of these fixins were blah. The egg was the best part. But you know, it was freakin cold as soon as I got to Switzerland, so a bowl of mediocre hot broth and noodles was just fine with me. At least it was warm in my otherwise frozen body.
Ok, now let’s talk about how expensive Switzerland is. This thing cost 22CHF. That’s about $22. That’s right, I ate a $22 bowl of ramen. And no, it didn’t have gold or diamonds in it. And it wasn’t chock full of hand pulled ramen noodles made by the premier ramen noodle puller in all of japan. But this is the frightening thing about Switzerland. This type of pricing is normal. $22 for a bowl of ramen is not that big of a deal. Isn’t that CRAZY?!?!?! It actually offends me a little. For $22, I’d expect something amazing, along with maybe a song and dance number, or a foot massage. But no, for $22, you can get your own bowl of mediocre noodles in Switzerland. And dont’ get me started on the $5 sodas.

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The Most Expensive Ramen In The World
  1. Anonymous says:

    totally like that everywhere – the donner places (gyros and shwarma) are the only affordable food – I ate a $35 burrito plate last week..crazy

  2. Gastronomer says:

    $22?!?! That is crazy! I remember only eating gyros and shwarma while in Switzerland.

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