Craig’s Place Brunch

After getting up super late on saturday and it being too late for me to make it to the tastings that I’d signed up for, we just decided to take it easy and grab some brunch. We were told to go to Boogaloos… so we trekked over there… and then came upon a list of about 20 names. So we kept on walking. After agonizing hunger set in, we ended up all the way back at Craig’s, which was so unfortunately near where we started. We should have just gone there first!
The breakfast burrito with hash browns (please excuse the particularly terrible photography in this post!). This was take 2. J had asked for no sour cream, and it almost seemed like they put extra sour cream in there. So they had to try and again and this time, they indeed left it out. Oh, and it was good!
I was totally hankering for pancakes so I got two pancakes, a coupla eggs, hash browns, and apple sausage. The sausage looks a little sickly, but damn, it was tasty! The pancakes were tasty as well. Basically, this was the breakfast I was really looking for. We were both quite satisfied. And we didn’t have to wait one minute to be seated.

Craig’s Place
598 Guerrero St
San Francisco, CA
(415) 355-9191
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