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Before heading out to a cabaret show, R and I stopped by Chinatown to grab some vittles. I hadn’t been to yakitori boy in awhile, so that’s where we ended up. R went with sushi and I went with non-sushi.The rolls at yakitori boy have fewer pieces than at other restaurants, but that’s ok, because the price tags tend to be smaller as well. Here are two philly rolls. And a couple sets of tuna and salmon nigiri. Even though it was actually fairly warm out, I still wanted noodle soup. So I went with the tempura soba. This is a fairly small sized bowl, but it’s a decent portion for the price. One big piece of tempura shrimp and firm soba noodles. I like their udon broth here. I also got the tatsuta age, which is a deep fried marinated chicken dish. These were super duper hot! As in temperature hot. This chicken is awesome. And I totally dug the dipping sauce that came with it. I would put it on everything if I knew how to make it or if I could buy it! The food here comes out as it’s made. There’s no waiting for everything to be ready or appetizers showing up first. It just comes out when it’s been made and ready. My chicken didn’t come out until we were pretty much both done with everything. Which is bad timing, but that’s part of their concept. And all the dishes are delivered by different people as well. Service is ok. Nothing bad, nothing great, somewhat inconsistent. But it’s not fancy dining so it doesn’t really matter to me. I did order a side of rice though and I had to ask for it again before they brought it out.
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