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I walked like a fiend this day (as google maps calculated, about 6 miles… that’s on foot people!!!) in light misty rain and rewarded all this hard work with some japanese food. Located in the Japan Center San Francisco, Mifune Don is a tiny offspring of Mifune, a japanese restaurant (duh) specializing in udon and soba. Whilst roaming japan center, there were so many restaurants I didn’t know how to choose. I simply chose Mifune on the name alone. And simply because of the Mifune of Kurosawa movies. I’m strange, I know.
It’s a teeny little lunch and take out spot, or so it seems. They do have these built in burners, so you can cook your own stuff. Hot pots and what not.I wasn’t in the mood for hot soupy noodles, so I went with one of the lunch specials, which was zaru soba and curry. The curry was just plain, no real veggies hunks and certainly no meat, but it was still pure delicious japanese style curry through and through.For those of you not familiar with zaru soba, it’s a cold noodle dish. You get a pile of cold soba noodles, which are buckwheat noodles. These are topped with some shredded nori. You get a little bowl of cold broth, soba tsuyu, and you dip your noodles in and then eat away. You can also season your broth with green onions, grated daikon, and japanese mustard, if you so choose. It sounds odd but it’s quite delicious. Just ask my mom. When I was a wee lass, we used to have to go for weekly doctor appointments for her. And when we did, we would always stop for some eats. And even at my young age, I would eat platefuls of zaru soba. Who knew a little kid could pack in so much noodles? Not much has changed. I still love zaru soba!

This is a no frills place with simple and tasty food. It’s all cooked by one dude in the little kitchen, and you can watch him do it the whole time. It’s not a secret. The service is just fine. The prices are alright too. For a place selected on its name, it wasn’t a bad choice.
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