Project Runway Finale Party

As a bookend to the project runway premiere, E held a fitting project runway finale party. She once again cooked everything, and made it seem effortless. Homemade breadsticks using phyllo dough and cheese. Obviously, the before! Even though the veggie tray came with a thing of dip, E made her own. It didn’t quite turn out like the photo in the cookbook (it should have been green!) but it was still good. But it did taste a bit strange. It was hard to pinpoint what it was, but it was a bit odd. The beautiful veggie tray, crackers, and the breadsticks. The breadsticks had some problems in that they stuck to the pans. So they ended up being breadstick bits and not whole breadsticks. They still tasted fine. The main entree was mac and cheese, made with corkscrew macaroni and genuine cheese! This shot was obviously before the cheese sauce was poured in and the whole thing was baked. The mac and cheese turned out amazingly well. It was cheesy but mild, piping hot, and with a nice breadcrumb topping. The other main entree was asian chicken wings. And the girl didn’t even buy pre-cut chicken wings at the store, she actually bought whole chicken wings and cut them into the wing bites! Nuts I tell you, nuts! These were fried up after being coated in a corn starch mix and then drenched in an asian marinade. These puppies were delish! E throws good parties! And she even gives away door prizes! Can’t wait for the next season!

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Project Runway Finale Party
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