Puck Eating

For a little seriously off-season r&r, we drove to south lake tahoe. It’s a long drive, but quite easy and lovely, if you don’t hit traffic. The last bit once you are approaching the lake is stunning. We walked around a bit during the day and it was pretty deserted since we were pretty much smack dab in between any kind of real season. Feeling peckish, we stopped at the Wolfgang Puck Express because J had never had it before and he was feeling adventurous. It was pretty deserted, as was the entire town, because no one in their right mind would be going to lake tahoe in the beginning of november. But that was fine by us.

The chicken pesto romaine sandwich with red onions, tomatoes, and lemon pesto, served with crispy chips. Perhaps a bit too much pesto, but still a good sandwich.
The chinois chicken salad, with romaine, veggies, fried puffy noodly stuff, and a sweet mustard-ginger vinaigrette. I’m a big fan of this salad. The dressing is rather strong though, so it might be something that’s better left on the side or left to the diner to dress themselves. It’s a pick up your food and sit down kind of place so it’s definitely casual. There was plenty of sitting space and the place was clean, bright, and inviting. It’s definitely a safe spot to dine if you’re ever in the area.

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