Tahoe Brew Pub

For our one dinner in tahoe, we had a bit of trouble. The places close fairly early, and especially because it was a sunday night, so several of the places we were first going to try were about to close. So eventually, we went subterranean to the Stateline Brewery, with only 20 minutes to spare, and they gladly welcomed us. The place is quite big and takes up quite a bit of the basement of the the little shopping center. It was pretty deserted at the time.
They brew their own beers, and J partook of their wheat brew.
He got the fish tacos again. As you can see, these fish tacos were quite different from the last ones he had. Black beans, instead of refried beans, the rice was completely different as well, and the fish in this one was lightly battered and fried. It was also a giant honkin piece of fish. And he wouldn’t stop going on and on about them. Mark his words. Best fish tacos he’s ever had.
It was quite cold, so I went with the two soups again, which I tend to do on occasion. First up was french onion soup. Good.
Next up was clam chowder. Also good. This one had hunks of celery, but they were easily avoidable. This had big giant hunks clams too. They’re into big hunks of seafood here. Service was great. Our server was super friendly and didn’t think it was weird when I ordered two soups. She was also kind enough to take a picture for us. Good food and good beer, can’t beat that!

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