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Welcome to the inaugural post in my brand new series called boozings. What is boozings? It’s simple. The folks at Philadelphia Weekly recently posted their list of Philly’s Top 15 Drinks. So I’ve decided to try them all. No, not all on one night! I have no interest in alcohol poisoning. But I will try them all, and write about it right here, once a week, as part of this new 15-post series – boozings. And as their list is in no particular order of preference, my posts won’t be either. Well, my posts will simply be in the order in which I try them.

First up was Parc, the swanky little french style bistro in Rittenhouse Square. And serendipitously enough, the chosen drink at Parc was the sidecar, one of my favorite cocktails, ever. Their version of the sidecar is the Calvados Sidecar. It is made with Calvados brandy (apple brandy, and hence the name), Cointreau (orange liqueur), lemon juice, and an apple slice, served in a half sugar rimmed martini glass.

Oh boy oh boy. This drink is boozy. As in all I taste is booze. Whoo! I taste no juice at all, just lots and lots of alcohol. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I can see how if I had two of these, it would knock me on my boozed out ass. It’s a bit too strong for me, as far as flavor goes. Without a hint of anything other than straight up liquor, I found it a bit hard to truly enjoy. I mean I liked it, and I felt great while I drank it, but it was a bit rough for me. And the apple, if you choose to eat it, is just as boozy. While it was an enjoyable drink, I think I still prefer my sidecars from the Sidecar. Parc is a bit of an older crowd, perhaps a bit on the more sophisticated side. A button-down shirt and slacks kind of place, which isn’t particularly my scene, not that I have one, but I’m more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.


Ok, 1 down, only 14 more to go!

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