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Welcome back to another installment of boozings, where we try all of Philly’s Top 15 Drinks! Next up we go to The Franklin, for the Silver Monk. The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Company (whew!) is a new speakeasy in what used to be Bar Noir. You remember Bar Noir. It was small and claustrophobic and in a basement. They have no windows here. In fact you can’t see inside the place. I guess it’s all part of the mystique. Once you’re in, it’s pretty nice. There is no standing, so you must have a seat here. Which means if the place is full, the place is full, and you have to wait until people leave. I love the way this place looks inside, especially the wood slats in the ceiling. It’s really dimly lit here. Prepare to use your cell phones for illumination.


They only serve drinks here. It is a drinking establishment only, it even says so on their website. All the recipes for their drinks are from the early 1900’s. The Silver Monk is not even on the menu, but since it was on the list, I asked for it, and happily received it. This drink is made with blanco tequila, muddled mint and cucumber (yes, there’s a proper vegetable in this!), simple syrup, salt, dash of yellow chartreuse (french liqueur flavored with 130 herbs), poured over a giant hand-chipped ice “rock”, and served in a double old-fashioned glass.

Ok, so this is my favorite now. I know, I know, it seems like every time I try a new one on the list, it becomes my favorite. But seriously, this drink is amazing! And it has a vegetable in it! First off, it’s just absolutely gorgeous. The giant piece of ice in it is just beautiful itself, and I love the strong and simple glass. It tastes great, is smooth, and is deceptively strong. It has a hint of mint and a hint of sweet, with a strange but tantalizing vegetable undertone which comes from the cucumber. I suppose if you do not like cucumbers, you would not like this drink! It has a hefty pricetag, but it’s more than worth it. If you drink too many, it will surely throw you on your ass.


Ok, 4 down, only 11 more to go!

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