Brunch In Durham – Watts Grocery

wattsmenusI’m in North Carolina again! After flying into Raleigh, I drove around a cold, rainy, and dreary Triangle to see what was up. After checking out some cute little stores in Durham, I hopped over to Watts Grocery for some brunch. This place is super cool. It’s in a groovy art deco style type of building. The inside is bright, clean, and inviting. I got a seat at the bar. My section of the bar was special because it also served as a display case. I’m not sure what it was exactly, but it had copies of menus and recipes and mementos… perhaps of items the chef/owner has collected. Regardless of what it was, I found it to be a novel idea. Look how cute their menus are. They kill me!

wattsgritsI had done a bit of research on this place and had read good things about the eggs benedict and the huevos rancheros. But I’m definitely a person that takes recommendations from the servers and also looks around to see what everyone else is getting. This is how I ended up with the grits bowl. I wasn’t thinking about getting grits at all (I’ve eaten it maybe twice in all my life), but I saw the lady next to me order this strange concoction and I had to try it myself. It’s a big bowl of cheesy grits, with 4 items of your choice heaped on top. So what did I get? Well, a fried egg, bacon hunks, avocado, and fresh pico de gallo salsa. It sounds strange, doesn’t it? But dudes, it’s delicious! And man, it was a huge ass portion and I could not even come close to finishing. Everything just worked so well together. This place prides itself in using local ingredients and you can tell. And this OJ that I got? Expensive, but worth every penny. Every sip was amazing!

Grits. It’s such an odd thing, don’t you think? I mean really. Who invented grits? Or moreover, who invented hominy? How does that come to be? It was probably an accident, as many inventions were. Since I am a yankee, I am not too familiar with grits. I certainly did not grow up with them. In fact, my first introduction to grits was our high school band trips south and our stops at the cracker barrel. They would always ask us if we wanted some grits. We had no idea what they were talking about. And from that day onward, we would keep saying “do you want some grits?” to each other. Little did I know that I would learn to love them, and eat a little too much of them. Since it’s not something I can get that readily back home, I’m going to get my fill!

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Brunch In Durham – Watts Grocery
  1. Robert says:

    Nice Post…..Hopefully I will be able to try this restaurant soon. I tried Coquette brasserie (Raleigh) last Sunday‚Ķthe staff was attentive, brunch was delicious, and overall experience far exceeded my expectations.

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