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When in new york, one must eat a genuine nyc style bagel. We asked the concierge of our hotel for a recommendation on a bagel place, and luckily, there was a great place around the corner – Ess-a-Bagel. The place has bagels, of course, and other deli offerings. It’s all certified kosher. There’s a good number of seats in the place. You pick up your order and sit, there’s no table service. They don’t have crazy flavored bagels, just your standards.

They do have a crazy number of cream cheese flavors. Do you see all these? It’s kind of like when you go to a gelato place and see all the flavors in the display, except this is cream cheese, or schmear. Love that word, schmear.

Also lots of smoked meats and pickled what nots. Pickled sour tomatoes. This looks cool to me. And various pickled herrings. This, perhaps not so much.

For as many different bagel flavors and schmears they offered, I was really boring. I mean, you can’t get more boring than this! I got a plain bagel with plain cream cheese. Ha! But this thing was perfect. It did not need to be adulterated by any kind of stuff in the cream cheese or any topping on the bagel. These bagels are ginormous. Really, they’re the size of my head. They’re super dense and chewy on the inside, and the outside is perfect too. It’s not crunchy on the outside, but it’s not chewy either, it’s just right. And the amount of cream cheese slathered on here is ridiculous. It was the first thing I ate that day, and it was so big that I could not finish it. It won!
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