Late Nights At The Sidecar

O came up from DC to visit J and we headed over to The Sidecar for some drinks and food.  The menu has changed quite a bit since the last time I was there, so it was like a brand new restaurant. J got one of the specials of the night, the crabcake sandwich. He grabbed the last one! I really liked this, I wish I could have gotten one too. He wasn’t that crazy about it, but what does he know?

O got a small order of the chicken fingers. Yeah, I said small order. I can’t imagine how big the large order is. These were so good!

I got the soup special, which was the roasted tomato cream soup. It was good, but nothing exciting. Soup is always good right after a snowstorm. I also got a side of the cornbread. Ooh, I liked this too! And a few of the bites had a bit of a kick. I’m not sure where the kick came from, but it was a nice little surprise. I also enjoyed a sidecar as well, as that’s still one of my favorite cocktails in the city.

Oh, and for those that celebrate, merry x-mas!
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