My Family Eats Too Much

Christmas for my family is all about eating. Ok, any get together with my family is about eating. On this particular christmas, we pretty much ate from 2pm until we left. It’s non-stop grazing, from beginning until end. My aunt loves to make spinach dip.

Kimchi pajeon… regular pajeon is good, but kimchi pajeon is so much better! This particular batch was amazing.

We had regular non-spicy pajeon too. We’re a small peoples, but we eat lots!

My aunt always makes shrimp tempura, so we had more of these freakishly large shrimp from the costco.

She had proper tempura batter this time, instead of the chicken batter she used last time. Who doesn’t love deep fried shrimp? My mom eats the shrimp tails. So does my uncle. I do not! She says it’s full of calcium. I’d rather drink milk or take supplements!

I made a special request for these chinese dumplings. My aunt buys them at a local chinese restaurants, and she can buy them frozen. They are shrimp and chive dumplings. These were still super tasty, but they had transformed from shrimp and chive dumplings into chive and shrimp dumplings. Whereas they were mostly shrimp with a hint of chive before, these new ones were mostly chive with a couple of tiny miniscule shrimp in them. It was seriously disappointing, but still delicious. I guess it’s just a sign of the times!

Since I have an unhealthy like for ddukpokki, my mom had picked some up the day before and heated it up. It was pretty good for store bought stuff.

After all the grazing, we did have a proper “dinner” later on. We had some japchae, some random veggie banchan, kimchi, of course, and a whole crapload of meat.

These shortribs really should be grilled, so grilled they were! Snow was still all over the place, and definitely on the back deck, but my uncle had shoveled himself a little path to the grill. And with full snow garb on, he cooked these babies up. And they were particularly good!

My cousin brought a pie! Not just any pie folks, but a sweet potato pie that had a layer of pecan pie on top! Whoo! Super sweet as all get out, but I still enjoyed it.

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