Parker’s Barbecue – A Whole New BBQ


When in NC, you have to try the local bbq. The last time I was in NC, it was Winston-Salem, and it was really different from what I ended up having in Greenville. We stopped by a local favorite, Parker’s Barbecue. The place was pretty big, and the parking lot was filled up. It’s a no-nonsense place, you just order and wait and then pick up your food. When you order bbq here, you don’t get to choose what kind. There’s no choice. There’s only one kind of bbq they sell here. It’s whole hog, slow roasted every day and infused with their signature sauce. It’s hand chopped, and basically shredded. It’s really quite different than any other bbq I’ve ever had in my life. That’s what I love about bbq, the geographic differences. Here, it’s just a very light vinegar based sauce, which makes it super mild. And there was also some crushed red pepper in there, along with something else mysterious. Not sure what it was, but it may have been crumbs of corn bread or crumbs of some kind of batter… honestly I have no idea. It was so different, unlike any other bbq I’ve ever had before, and so tasty!

So, um, this was a small platter. Yes, I said small. You get a heaping of meat and 3 sides. And the sides are also heaping. And the hush puppies just come with every platter. Man, their portion sizes are nuts. All of the sides were good, especially the mac & cheese and the slaw. The slaw was especially vinegary and zesty. I loved it. The mac & cheese is like what my mom would make, if she was a lovely southern mom instead of a little korean lady. The hush puppies here are shaped like that, instead of the round balls I’m used to seeing.


One thing that was really interesting was that there were livers and gizzards on the menu. And what a menu it was… look how old school it is! It’s adorable. But what was more interesting than livers and gizzards was that they were also on the kid’s menu! What kid wants to eat livers and gizzards?
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Parker’s Barbecue – A Whole New BBQ
  1. tommy baker says:

    Just returned from a funeral in Greenville, N.C. Parker’s was one of my mothers
    favoriate spots to eat. The food was great, but the odd thing you, could not use your check card. I enjoyed the afternoon.

  2. Strange1 says:

    Parker’s is absolutely the best Barbecue in the world. Sp8 obviously doesn’t know what “whole hog” means. That is an eastern NC thing which along with some textual differences also greatly influences and enhances the flavor.

  3. Sp8 says:

    Never go to parker’s BBQ. The pork is chopped with fat and grisle. B’s BBQ is the place you need to go. Check it out!!!

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