Pre-Pixie Dinner At Rum Bar


Before watching the uber-adorable Chris Garneau’s show at the FU chapel, we stopped by Rum Bar for food and drink. When we got there, there was nobody eating there at all. But we were told all the tables were reserved. Nerds! Who knew you needed a reservation to eat here? So I had to do the old hover and stalk at the bar to see if people were leaving. Once I spotted my victims, all I had to do was wait. Then we snagged a couple of primo spots at the beautiful bar. They have a huge drink menu here, and a small food menu. As you might have guessed, the rum offerings here are ridiculous. This particular drink is a type of coquito. What’s a coquito? Why it’s a type of rum eggnog. And what does it taste like? It tastes like rice pudding, without the rice, that you drink! In other words, it was shockingly delicious. Delicious and boozy. A perfect combination. It’s like a dessert you can drink.


M’s caribbean paella with shrimp, calamari, chicken, chorizo, peppers, and onions in a jamaican curry broth. The flavoring was very mild curry, not strong at all. Perhaps it was a bit too mild. Like they were trying, but didn’t quite make it. C’mon Rum Bar! Go all the way! It was good paella, but it definitely has potential to be great!¬†Those are some giant ass shrimp.


Speaking of giant ass seafood, I got the pan seared scallops. 3 ginormous scallops with vinaigrette salad. The scallops were delicious and filling. The salad was fine, nothing exciting. I think it would have been better if they went a bit further with the caribbean flavorings. Maybe a mango salsa? Papaya? A citrus vinaigrette? Just something a little more! All entrees are served with fried plantains, chili cornbread, and calypso squash au gratin. The plantains were fine, nothing exciting here. Some pieces were more sweet than others. I loved the little teeny chili cornbreads! ¬†They even had pieces of whole little corn in them. The squash au gratin thing… I did not care for at all. It kind of looks like a little tiny lasagna made with thin slices of squash and phyllo dough. But it tastes weird. And by weird I mean kind of gross.

But overall, a great meal. We were both surprised! These entrees are a bit pricey, but we used a gift certificate so it ended up being dirt cheap. And for dirt cheap, this meal was was a totally tasty deal! I think they have super good deals on drink and food on wednesday nights. I’m going to have to make it out there one of these wednesday nights!
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