Stinky Ginkgos


You may not recognize a ginkgo tree, but you would definitely recognize the leaves. They’re really unique because they’re sort of half moons, like open hand-held fans. In late fall / early winter, if you’ve ever been outside near ginkgo trees, then you would definitely know them from the stench. Apparently, the female trees produce a stinky fruit when fertilized. Basically, to me, it smells like rotten trash. It’s awful. But it’s a helpful little tree, in that many people take ginkgo biloba supplements regularly for health benefits. Also, you can eat the seeds. I had no idea!


The seeds look like this. They are covered in a hard shell which you have to crack. These are what’s in the fruit thsat smell like rancid death. Man, smell your hands after you crack these shells… foul! It’s gross. Then you can roast them with a little bit of oil. Then pop them in your mouth and enjoy! What do they taste like? I can’t really describe it, but it’s quite mild. While we were eating them, they kept saying you can’t eat too many, only 5 at a time. I kept asking why and they kept saying just because. So then I looked it up. According to wikipedia, children should not eat large quantities over large periods of time because they could be poisoned. Oye. This did not make me feel better. I am not a child, nor do I readily have access to ginkgo nuts, but I don’t really like to eat anything that can cause poisoning in children. If something can poison a kid, it can poison me too. So I’ve experience my ginkgo nut tasting, and I’m happy to say I’ve gotten that out of my life!

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