Coney Island Burger Up Close And Personal

While I was in Pottsville, I had to have another coney burger. Terrible photograph, I know, but I wanted you all to get a good look at the inner mechanics of one. ¬†Stewed burger, check. ¬†Slop of stewed onions, check. Chili on top of that, check. All inside a soft and mushy white bun, check. It really is kind of a disgusting concept, but it’s so good going down your gullet. It truly is a guilty pleasure.

Coney Island
2300 W Market St
Pottsville, PA 17901
(570) 622-7722

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Coney Island Burger Up Close And Personal
  1. I love how ubiquitous the name Coney Island was for these types of places…and the fact that if you can find a place with that name now you are pretty much assured a great meal. Now thinking about a quick trip to Pottsville.

    • foodzings says:

      when you actually think about what’s in it and what it looks like, it’s kind of disgusting, but you can’t help love something that tastes so good going down!

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