Corporate Lunches

I went by my old haunts for lunch last week to catch up with some old colleagues. When I worked at this behemoth for way too many years, I essentially got free lunch every day. Not a bad deal at all. It was your standard work cafeteria fare. Nothing spectacular, but I could always find something to nibble on. I had to pay this time which was a total bummer, but I went with the entree which was flank steak, veggies, and mac & cheese. The flank steak was nothing worth writing about, and particularly tough. The veggies were good, but the mac & cheese was particularly great. I wish I’d just gotten a big old plate of that alone.

There’s a soup and chili bar. Look, there’s even garnish for fixins. The cafeteria has gotten a lot swankier since I’ve worked there. It’s had a nice facelift in the past few years.

They certainly didn’t have these fancy biscuits and breadsticks before. There’s also a hot grill, a cold sandwich area, and pizzas.

They always had a decent salad bar with plenty of options. Sure, free lunch can be a nice perk, but it couldn’t keep me there!

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Corporate Lunches
  1. adog says:

    Hey, that place looks familiar!

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