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After work, the customer took me out to eat at a local seafood spot – Michael’s Cafe. This place is quite spacious! The bar is big, and the dining room area in the back is also big. There’s clearly a lot of seafood eatin’ going on! There’s an outdoor patio bar as well and you can even get their crabcakes online.

There is a large menu and plenty of options for seafood lovers. They have a few selections that do not involve things from the sea, but this place is definitely for those into seafood. I was quite indecisive (which is normal for me) so I ultimately didn’t make a decision by getting the seafood platter. This can come broiled or fried and I requested broiled. You get a piece of orange roughy, a bunch of scallops, some more shrimp, a crab cake, and two veggies. I selected rice pilaf and broccoli.

So listen up. This is a lot of food. Too much really. The scallops were pretty good, and so were the shrimp. The orange roughy didn’t have too much flavor, but that’s not Michael’s fault, that’s just orange roughy for ya. The best thing of the platter was definitely the crab cake. It was a pretty big crab cake, not too mayonnaisey at all, with plenty of flavor. It had big hunks of tasty crab and I was definitely a fan of this. I can see why people would want these sent to them by mail! Because this was so much food, it wasn’t cheap. Similar to other opinions I’ve given, I certainly wouldn’t have minded if there was less food and it cost a bit less. Portion sizes are definitely something that tends to be out of control in american restaurants. The portions at Michael’s are ridiculous! Service was ok. Overall, this place was ok. If you’re really into crab cakes, then you should definitely check it out!
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