New Year’s Eve Five Course Dinner

2009 new year’s eve was a lovely affair with a five course meal generously provided by M and E.  I have trouble making one course meals, but M always goes all out providing course after course of fanciness. Starting off, we had various appetizers, such as these adorable salmon and cream cheeses with caper eyes. These were brought by a guest and were quite adorable and delicious. The older daughter put these eyes on.

There were also cocktails, cheese logs topped with sunflower seeds, and a red pepper dip w/crudites. I loved these pretzel chips.

Next up was a red lentil soup with firey black pepper oil. The soup was delicious! The black pepper totally gets you in the throat in the first spoonful or two, but then lets up nicely.

The entree was dark meat chicken wrapped around chicken mousse and some more white meat chicken, topped with a heavy cream sauce and fennel, and served with leeks, carrots, and green beans. Everything was excellent! Chicken mousse? Too fancy for words! The cream sauce is lick-the-plate worthy!

Next up a was a super heavy cheese plate (roquefort, brie, gouda) along with candied walnuts with a port wine reduction. I couldn’t get enough of these nuts! So damn good! We had a couple of french natives dining with us. The proper way to cut brie is to cut it vertically. To cut it horizontally is sacrilegious. So take heed! When cutting brie, cut it lengthwise!

Remember the flambeed bananas? E made them again for this party. Here’s what they look like before we lit them on fire.

There’s something about cooked bananas that I just love. It brings out the sweetness even more and after the cognac burns off with the flames, it just leaves a nice caramel taste. The ice cream is the perfect contrast. And the bacon… well, who doesn’t love bacon?

We also got to nibble on some homemade cookies that M made. Yes, she actually made these. From scratch. With her bare hands. Unbelievable! They tasted like thin mints on crack and looked professionally made! Thanks again!

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