Papa Haydn Brunch – Portland

While the original brunch plan was for Simpatica, since we were staying in nob hill and already on 23rd street window shopping, we just ended up hopping into Papa Haydn. It had also been recommended to us the night before at Le Pigeon. Here’s something crazy about this place. Even if you order nothing, they give you a bunch of pastries right away – blueberry muffin, brioche roll, cheddar twist, espresso coffee cake. And damn it if every piece isn’t delicious.

The duck duck salad. A giant heaping of fancy greens, shredded duck, duck confit, and topped with an egg. A fancy salad. You can’t tell there’s any duck in this, but indeed, there is duck! And it’s delicious duck, to boot.

The stuffed toast… Custard dipped challah bread, stuffed with slice potatoes, caramelized onions, and I can’t even remember what else. All I remember is that it was tons of delicious food. And it comes with two fried eggs as well as a bit of salad. Whoo! The portion of this is ridiculous. This stuffed toast is so good, and a real good combination of savory being stuffed into something slightly sweet. But yeah, I left half of this on the plate just from size alone.

The service here was good, especially from our extremely pregnant and friendly server. She was so cool and helpful. And even if you don’t order food, let’s say you just order a coffee, you can still sit at a table, you still get all your free pastries, and you can take your time. This is a place I can definitely be a fan of!
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