Pho Ha Noodle Feast

As the weather stayed freakishly cold, it further fueled our love of pho so that we had to go eat it two days in a row. We ventured to our favorite place – Pho Ha. I’m not exactly sure why I love this place so much, I just do. It’s just a gut feeling. J got the steak and brisket pho, as usual. I wanted a bit of spice, so I got the pho bo kho. It looks firey hot, but it’s really not that spicy at all. It’s just the right amount of spice. The meat in pho bo kho is not the fancy meat that’s in regular pho, it’s much cheaper cuts of meat with plenty of fat and other less illustrious bits, but I like it just fine. I just get rid of the fat and avoid eating the knuckley parts. After trying my pho bo kho, J realized just how good it was and he was jealous.

It seems like Pho Ha has changed ownership since I was there last. The big paintings with horses and goldfish were gone and replaced with normal sized conservative pieces. The once red chopsticks are now green. The squeeze containers for all the condiments are different. The servers were all new and different, and none of them had super spiked hair. The menu didn’t change though, and neither did the food. And as hard to believe as this may be, the food came out even faster this time than before! And it came out pretty damn fast in the past! Pho Ha, you’re still my fave!

Pho Ha
600 Washington Avenue
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 599-0264

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