M invited me over again for an event meal – raclette! Have you ever had raclette? This was my second time ever. It’s primarily a Swiss thing, and it is a type of cheese itself as well as the type of dish. Confused yet? The cheese is called raclette and the device you cook it on is also called raclette. Ok, so here’s what happens. There’s a grill on top of the raclette, and you can put anything on it… meats, veggies, whatever. ┬áThen underneath, there are little individual trays where you melt cheese. Finally, you cook up some potatoes and you eat the potatoes, topped with cheese, topped with whatever! Sometimes, it’s fun to cook your own food! We have a veritable smorgasbord of racletting options… mushrooms with cheese and mango with panchetta. We had plain panchetta too.

Also, shrimp skewers!

And eggplant skewers stuffed with pesto.

Seafood sausage from trader joe’s! This was one of my faves…

M cooked up some delicious tri-colored potatoes for the raclette. The purples ones were my favorite!

Here’s the raclette with all the stuff on the grill. The little tray underneath is where you melt your cheese. The beauty of raclette is that you can pretty much do whatever you want. Your fixins can be anything, and you can use any type of cheese. Sure, raclette cheese is a good choice, but really, anything that melts well will work. And aside from the versatility, it’s just a fun way to eat with friends! Try it!

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  1. A Hogewoning says:

    Where I can buy the racelette machine here in thailand

    • foodzings says:

      you probably can’t buy it in a store, so you’ll probably have to buy it from the ineternet! there are plenty of places online that sell it… just google it. good luck!

  2. Marieta says:

    This is truly wonderful!! The pesto stuffed eggplant’s a winner of an idea– what a dynamic combination. And the seafood sausage, that’s all over Asia, that’d be a great way to introduce Racletting to our eastern neighbors.

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