Wegmans Favorites

Since I was all the way out in Royersford, I stopped in at Wegmans in Collegeville on my way home. I’ve only been to Wegmans once before, so it’s special whenever I get a chance to go. There are a few things that I already love, even though I’ve been there now a whole two times.

My favorite cereal used to be Post Selects Blueberry Morning. That is until they changed the flakes awhile back. The flakes used to be super crunchy and full of flavor. Now they suck. They’re just somewhat crispy and quite flavorless. I don’t know whose bright idea this was, but it pissed me off. There was nothing wrong with those flakes. Those flakes were perfection. And now the cereal is sub-par. Wegmans has their own version called Fruitful Morning, but it’s a bit less healthy. There are two types of flakes in theirs. One is just a plain corn flake and the other is more of a frosted corn flake. And there are tons more blueberries in the Wegmans one too, and these too are a bit more sugar coated. So their version is more sugary, but I love the crunchiness of their flakes. So it’s my new favorite.

The frizzante blood orange soda is also perfection. I discovered this from E’s parties. There is a target archer farm’s version as well, but the target one just doesn’t taste as good. I don’t know what kind of crack wegmans puts in this, but me likey.

They also have this asian style bbq sauce. I also discovered this from one of E’s parties. It’s absolutely delicious on chicken. It makes cooking something delicious so super easy. I don’t know what’s so bbq about this sauce, it’s more of an “asian” sauce or marinade than a bbq sauce, but damn it if it ain’t tangy and tasty. Just slop some of this on chicken and it’s an instant meal.

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