boozings – Bloody Mary At Cantina Los Caballitos

Welcome back to another installment of boozings, where we try all of Philly’s Top 15 Drinks! Next up we go to Cantina Los Caballitos, for the Bloody Mary. Vodka, check. Tomato juice, check. Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, and whatever else, check. Lime and lemon, celery and olive, check!
F it this drink is good. And big. And spicy. And cheap. Served in a big ass pint glass, this thing has kick, of the boozy and spicy variety. It just goes on forever, too. How can this only cost $5? It’s definitely the cheapest drink on the list, and nearly the biggest. I’m not feeling too much love for the food here, but their bloody marys are alone worth the trip.
Ok, 10 down, only 5 more to go!

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boozings – Bloody Mary At Cantina Los Caballitos
  1. Elena says:

    Easily my favorite Bloody Mary in the city. Even better is their Bloody Maria with their own jalapeno infused tequila!

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