Eating With The NYPD – Lantern

Ok, so I technically wasn’t eating with the NYPD, but I was eating with people that were working with the NYPD, so by the associative property, I was practically eating lunch with the NYPD. We took a short walk from the NYPD police academy to Lantern, a thai joint.
It’s a cool and sleek place. Modern and shiny, with living trees on the inside!
They have a kick ass $8 lunch special. Who knew you could find such bargains in NYC for lunch? And it’s not from a truck, it’s a proper sit-down joint. The special comes with your choice of appetizer. J and L got these dumplings. Man, these look… toothsome.

I got the spring rolls, because I’m drawn to fried appetizers in thai restaurants. It’s like a sickness. These little babies were hot and tasty.

Everyone ended up getting a noodle dish of some kind. Three of us got drunken noodles. L got chicken, J got shrimp, and I got calimari. M got the pad se-ew, which is pretty much just like drunken noodles, except not spicy, so not drunken. I love me some drunken noodles. I love thick rice noodles and I love the kick of spice in this dish. It’s never too much, it’s just enough spice to go with the sweet. And when given the option, I love squid in pretty much any form. A lovely thai meal for lovely little prices!

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