Post Snowboarding Eats At Gaya

I probably sound like a broken record, but after snowboarding on friday, we went and got korean food again. But instead of disappointing august moon, since H/A insisted on korean, I insisted on good korean. That’s how we ended up at Gaya again. I had just gone there for my birthday dinner but yeah, I was happy to go back there agin.
I certainly sound like a broken record with what I ordered… yep, the squid stir fry again. I can’t help myself. It’s my favorite. And it’s so damn good here. Trust me, it’s some of the best of this around.
H/A ordered meat again, but I made him get the galbi, and not the bulgogi. It was tasty, and even had grill marks! Because of the lovely complimentary giant plate of wrappers that they give you (first pic of this post), we tried them all. My favorite is still the original red leaf lettuce, but I tell you what, the cold steamed cabbage was a close second. The seaweed was just a bit too strange, and hard to maneuver. It’s slippery, so it was hard to keep it together as a roll/taco.
While I generally love all the food here, especially the entrees, let’s take some time to discuss the banchan this time. I was just here a few weeks ago when the banchan selection was completely different. Really, aside from the kimchi, which is requisite, everything else was different. In front, a broccoli dish. Barely spicy, barely tasty. Above that, a strange dish that was pretty much just raw onions with some seaweed in it. There was barely little flavor of anything. It just felt like a waste of space. At the top was kimchi, which was just fine. And in the big bowl on the right, I have no idea what this thing is called, and it’s just as difficult to describe it. It’s a cold dish, with a bunch of liquid, with slices of daikon radish and some cabbage. It’s unbelievably refreshing, and I love it, but I couldn’t really explain it. So sorry.
Ok, on top here, something almost like japchae, but not quite. It’s like they had some leftover ingredients for japchae, but not all of them, and they just sort of threw this together. On the right, something very akin to japanese seaweed salad. ¬†Except this seaweed salad had no flavor at all. Can we say blah? And in front, the gaejang, or spicy seasoned raw crab. This was the only other repeat, and yes, still my favorite. I made them give me a refill. And yep, I certainly appreciate them doing so. While the bbq dishes here are pricey (as they are pretty much at any other joint), everything else is quite reasonably priced. I’d be happy to come back here every time after snowboarding!

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Post Snowboarding Eats At Gaya
  1. The best part of eating at a Korean restaurants are the banchan. I wish there were more Korean restaurants in Philly.

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