Sushi At Liberty

I was in Seattle for work and for the first night, we had to run around, literally, to do work/team stuff. It was fun and all, and then they fed us as we bowled, but seriously, the food at Lucky Strikes (crappy chicken nuggets and pizza) was pretty damn bad. I mean significantly terrible that I actually chose to go hungry. And that rarely happens!

Which is why after all that was over, I had to go get real food. I fell in love with Liberty during my first visit to Seattle, so I went back there again, and I actually got up the nerve to get food! It is slightly unnerving to go to a hipster bar for cocktails and order sushi. But it had to be done, because I was starving! What did I order? I can’t remember. A couple of rolls, one of which may have been a red roll, and the other which had raw carrot in it. Also, some random dish with seared and sliced tuna on top of seaweed salad. It was supposed to be a bed of veggies, but it ended up being a bed of seaweed salad. But it was delicious nonetheless. And I had an amazing limeade. I still love this place. It’s just so laid back and comfortable. Please Liberty, open a Philly satellite location!
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